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Research has been an essential part of the Society's programme ever since its inauguration, although over the years a comparatively small number of people have been involved. Names such as Arthur Britton, Septimus Barry., Kenneth Neale and John Haywood spring to mind among others. For about the last twenty five-years Leonard Davis has taken over the mantle of these worthies and apart from editing the Society's Journal and writing many of our publications, he produced the Chingford Notes Extras listed below.  They are a mine of information for all who are interested in the history of the town.  Sadly, Leonard Davis is no longer alive.

Chingford Notes Extras consist of about 10 A4 pages dealing with a particular part of Chingford history. Copyright is vested in the Chingford Historical Society and the papers are written for the benefit of members of the Society who may purchase copies at Society meetings for 50p each. When available they may be purchased by non-members for £1 each including any packing plus appropriate postage.  Write to: Mr D Young 112 Whitehall Road Chingford, London E4 6DW

              .                         Periods 1895 - 1914
11    Part I Foundation of Chingford Urban District Council
13Part II The Council and events up to the end of the 19th century.
15Part III Start of the 20th century. to the Great War
17Part IV Continuing, Farmers , Pubs , Roads, Jones Forge etc.
20Part V  The 1901 census, street by street
23Part VI Continuation of the census
26Part VII The census / Henry Duck / The Fire Servic
 .                         Periods 1914 - 1938
22Part I The last part of this period - Change to a Borough
30 Part II The early thirties + Coronation Year 1953 & Miss J Randell
33Part III Great War and the twenties
.                         Periods The 1940's
35Part I Wartime, Wardens' Service, Rescue Service, Arial Balloons
38Part II Wartime memories, Report & Control Centre, Green Man Pub
40Part III More of Wartime, The Bull & Crown, Memoirs etc.
43Part IV Richmond House School, The W.V.S, End of the War
.                          Local Areas   
21Endlebury Road, Grovelands Estate, The Workhouse
32Sewardstone within Chingford E4. Farms, Inns, Houses
42Highams Park including Hale End, British Xylonite etc.
44Chapel End within Chingford E4. Crooked Billet, Salisbury Hall.
45Chingford Green Conservation Area
46Woodford Green within Waltham Forest (includes Oak Hill)
47Some buildings in Station Road 
48Some shops in Station Road
49Ropers field, Larks Wood, Inks Green The Rolls, The Ainslie Family
50Chingfod Hatch - Miscellaneous Notes
51Friday Hill
52South Chingford - Albert Crescent
53Whitehall Road Area, White Hall,  Pimp Hall, Queen Elixabeth
54Hall Lane,  Chingford Hall. Temple Hall, Langite Corner
55Sewardstone Road Area in Chingford, Dells and Spencers Farm
56Pole Hill Area, The Brickfield, The Obelisk, Lawrence of Arabia
59Royal Forest Hotel, Rangers Road and the Royal Forest 
61Ponds & Pools, Connaught Water, Highams Park Lake etc.
.                           People
29Apollinaire in Chingford. The famous French Poet
37Memoirs of Roy Bishop, Facets of a youthful life 1913- 1956
41Memoirs of Arthur Rumble D. P. A.  A well known Chingford resident
60Performers in Chingford, Actors, Dancers, Musicians etc. 
.                            Buildings
 3Chingford Hospital  A hundred year story of our hospital
 6Jubilee Retreat. One of several retreats in Epping Forest.
10Mount Echo  The house and estate.- Jane Seymour.
12 Larkswood Infants and Junior School, New Road. 1907 to 1947
14Chingford Water Mills.  Based on notes by Septimus Barry,1974
16Gomms Farm, Old Church Road - Early history to final demolition
19Yardley House, Sir John Sylvester and the Boardman Family
24White House, Mallinson Park, Woodford Green
31Hawkwood House, The Lodge, School for the Deaf & The Nursery
.                              Religious
 2Chingford Old Church. The communion rails dispute 1636 - 1637
34The Congregational Church, Spicer Hall, Miss Snell's School
.                              Miscellaneous 
 4The London Rubber Company, North Circular Road, Chingford
 5Gilwell Park, The Chinnery Family; Scouting in Chingford 
 9Chingford Citizen's Independent Association
18Larkswood Pool, Fantaseas, Hydropark - 1936 to 2000
25 Chingford Forge, Jones Bros,
28The Independent Labour Party in Chingford - Bert Lea
39The Laundry in Chingford. In the home, Westcott's, Oakwood, Etc
58Roads, Streets etc, within E4 Postal District  (23 pages £1)  
.                                Indexes
 7Chingford Notes.Volumes 1 - 4
 8Chingford Notes Volume 5 plus Extras 2 - 6
27Extras 7 - 26
36Chingford Notes. Volume 6 plus Exras 28 - 35
57Chingford Notes  Volume 7 plus Extas 37 - 56