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The following publications are produced by our society:

Chingford Historical Society - A fifty year story of the society    £3.00
Chingford in History - A popular general history of the town£3.50
Chingford As It Was - A picture book of old Chingford£2.50
Chingford's Water Supply - The reservoirs, pumping station etc.£2.00
Chingford's Post Office - Interesting picture of the mail in our town£4.00
The Forest in Walthamstow and Chingford     Out of Stock£2.50
Some Chingford Field Names - Fascinating look into old Chingford£1.00
Chingford in 1891
A History of Chingford Day - Chingford's annual show in Ridgeway Park £3.00
Chingfliers - A little known history of our aerodrome 1915 - 1918
Chingford Libraries - Their history and development to 1965 (Out of print)
Chingford Old Church - A recent re-print of the book by A L Martin£3.00
Arise Sir Loin - A legend of Epping Forest (leaflet)£0.50
Lawrence of Arabia - His connection with our town £1.00
Chingford Hall - The first manor in Chingford - new edition£3.00
Chingford Hatch - The Story of a Village£3.00
Chingford Rise Estate - The development of North Chingford£3.00
NEW:  Chinford Farms  description, pictures and maps of 39 Farms£4.00
Douglas F Mountford of Chingford - Artist, Illustrator & Teacher 
View Over Chingford -  Sketches by Douglas Mountford  


The above books can be bought by post (or in person) from:  Jo's Book Shop. 135 Station Road  North Chingford London E4 6AG   Tel: 020 8524 9002.   


 Additional publications in the form of extras to Chingford Notes are full of interest about people and places in Chingford's past - Go to "RESEARCH" by the button above-left